Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes Vol. 9

1.       For Memorial Day my Dad and brother and I all went out shooting. They spent most of the time raving about my S&W Model 60, about how good it feels, how accurate and functional it is, how powerful it can be, and so on. So, yeah, I think I made a good choice with that one. Oh, and Dad’s laser sight was awesome too.

2.       Another busy week at work with two days of set up for a four-hour training session, which, apparently, wasn’t very good anyway. Still, I learned that you should always over estimate the number of pizzas you order for an office lunch.

3.       I’m tentatively beginning to look for another job, possibly out of state. It’s just starting to feel like I ought to be moving on, and my current job doesn’t really have much to offer except a decent wage. This is something I’ll need to do a lot of thinking and praying over, especially as my lease ends in the coming months.

4.       On the writing front while I’ve been plugging away at Hendricks I also started a side ‘80s genre film crossover’ fan-fiction project just for fun (and extra practice). I’m considering posting it in installments for people to read since I’m enjoying it so much. Sample sentence:

“The DeLorean roared to life and sped off down Elm Street, scattering leaves in its wake.”

                I don’t know about you, but that sentence alone makes me happy.

5.        Another current writing project is coming up with funny and bizzare little similes. For instance:
-As Shackleton said to the man who brought ice cream, that doesn’t really help.

-As Pyrrhus said, at least we won.

-As Gavrilo Princip said before shooting Archduke Ferdinand, what’s the worst that could happen?

                   Well, I think they're funny anyway.

6.       A prior commitment to meet up with a friend means that Famous Catholic Friday this week will probably become Famous Catholic Saturday. Oh, well.

7.       I’ve been re-watching some old Columbo episodes, reminding me of how wonderful they are. What really strikes me, though, is how very manly the characters are. Columbo himself in particular, but also in the villains of the week. There’s a confidence, a professionalism about everyone that I don’t really see much in contemporary shows. I might have to do an article about it in the future.

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  1. Your first entry made me smile - I haven't been out shooting in a long time. My dad is at the range most weekends and he'd probably also rave about your S&W. :) Good luck with all the writing projects. :)