Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 8

1.       So, it turns out my rent is going to go up this year, and I am not happy about it. This makes me seriously consider my perennial back-up plan, which is to move to Texas and open up a rattlesnake sanctuary, where people can come to watch the rattlesnakes roam wild and free.

I’m only joking a little; I have honestly considered that, and I think I might be able to make a success of it. I mean, everyone likes rattlesnakes, right?

2.       Seriously, I have considered a move down south. Booming economy, conservative, and lots of space; sounds good to me! If I find a job and/or some cheap, good land down there, I’m gone.

3.       I’m slowly, reluctantly trying to eat healthier, which at the moment means such things as cooking up asparagus to go along with my eggs and bacon and leaving the lettuce on my sandwiches (I draw the line at tomatoes). So far, so good (except when I forget, which is, admittedly, a fair amount of the time); asparagus works fine with bacon and eggs, and I’m actually starting to enjoy the taste of lettuce mixed in with my ham and cheese (especially if there’s mayo as well; mayo makes lettuce much more palatable).

4.       I was actually ahead of the game on my Famous Catholic Friday post this week! I’m so proud of myself! And I even managed to post something that wasn’t either that or a Scripture Reflections! Go me!

5.       It’s been a crazy week at work; first we had a meeting with the head of the department (who is very nice, but a bit of a neat freak so we had to make sure that everything was PERFECT) to discuss something I can’t talk about in a public forum. In setting up for that I learned that ordering high-quality muffins requires 24-hour notice. Then we had another major meeting two days later, requiring chilled juices (one of the managers had me put the out roughly two-hours early, with the result that the ice was half-melted by the time the meeting began), coffee, a sandwich tray, and, yes, muffins!

6.       Meanwhile, I’m mulling over trying to sell some ideas, including ones for a video game and a beef commercial (that’s ideas plural: I’m not considering a video game that also functions as a beef commercial. Though now that I think about it…). I figure it can’t hurt to throw some ideas out there and see if anyone bites. Who knows? I might strike it rich in the beef business.

7.       I’m glad this is a long weekend, because my apartment needs a good Spring Cleaning. And I still need to put together that pull-up bar I mentioned weeks ago! So much to do…

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