Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes Vol. 18

1.       So, here’s a question: do I have a bad attitude if I honestly don’t care about my job except insofar as it pays the bills? I mean, I work at a place where people basically spend their time re-inventing the light bulb. I really wasn’t aware of any great defect in my car’s head lamps, nor of any need for novelty mood-lighting in the interior. I’m sorry, but it’s hard to get excited about endlessly refining something that pretty much has worked fine for at least half a century.

Cars in general just don’t interest me much; they’re just tools, and not even particularly fun tools (like shotguns). My ‘dream car,’ as far as it goes, is one of those pick-up trucks that keeps running for decades and only gets sold when they stop making parts for it. In short; I honestly don’t think we’re doing anything particularly important, and even if we were, I wouldn’t have much interest in it. Is that bad? Should I try to make myself care about my job? What do you think?

(I really hope my boss doesn’t see this.)

2.       A series of recent internet articles/discoveries from disparate sources has helped me really make peace with my introvertedness. I seriously could have used this kind of advice a little earlier, when everyone was trying to get me to go out and ‘socialize’ with people and acting like there was something wrong because I didn’t find much common ground with my fellow high schoolers. Better late than never, though.

3.       I’m still breaking from the online dating scene. I have the idea that I really need to settle on a career/vocational path and make a little progress in that field before I search for a mate.

4.       Our esteemed hostess at Conversion Diary mentioned an argument with her husband about the possibility of mixing rap and country. I loathe rap and love country, but I have to come down in the “it CAN be done” camp, based on the song Answer to No One. How many songs involve someone boasting about being a ‘Republican voter’? For that line alone, the song rocks hard.

5.       I just took the Meirs-Briggs Personality thingy again, and this time I came up as ‘INTJ.’ I’m not entirely convinced that’s accurate (I’m not aware of much ‘unrelenting self confidence’ at the moment), but it’s kinda cool. Well, except that, according to the website, INTJs are “likely to be completely clueless when it comes to attracting a partner.” Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. Apparently, I’m the same personality type as Vladimir Putin, Augustus Caesar, and both Hannibals (the general and the cannibal). Suddenly, my dreams of world-domination don’t seem quite so fanciful.

6.       As part of this week’s 7 Quick Takes, we were also asked to come up with the song that best expresses our personality type. Me? I picked The Impossible Dream; idealistic, defiant, magnanimous, and devoted to higher ideals to the exclusion of conventions. That sounds about right.

7.       I plan to use my upcoming vacation to do some serious discernment and come up with a good blueprint for some short and long term goals. Time, I think, to buckle down and get serious about, as the subheading says, crafting the life I want.

Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes Vol. 17

Conversion Diary again. 

1.        Missed last couple weeks for one reason or another. Actually, have falling off blogging almost entirely, for one reason or another. I’ll try to remedy that soon.

2.       So, Chronicles is now on its fourth week, and I’ve gotta admit, I was expecting a bit more response. I don’t know; maybe people aren’t aware that it’s up? Maybe they just don’t really care? One of my friends said she wasn’t sure whether she was supposed to comment. For the record, if you’re reading it, that’s pretty much the whole point! Anyway, the little response I’ve gotten has been positive so far, so that’s good.

3.       So, I’ve been fairly successful at the buckling down thing I’ve been mentioning: not very consistent, but have managed to put in a good amount of time drawing, exercising, praying, violining, and even dusted off my Italian Rosetta Stone. Regarding the violin, I’ve got a surplus of new sheet music (including a 300+ page book of Irish Folksongs I got cheap from Amazon), so that should keep me busy for a while. Recently I’ve been mostly working on Fields of Athenry, Men of Harlech, and Bridge Over Troubled Waters. I also got a version of Modern Major General, but it’s a bit out of my league at this point.   

4.       Drawing wise, I think I’m actually beginning to improve a little; I actually produced at least one (1) copy that I think doesn’t suck!  I don’t have any scanning technology, so I can’t show it to you, but it actually came out (I think) pretty well. Go me!

5.       I’m taking a break from the online dating scene. Partly because I want to focus on other things at the moment, partly because I was getting very tired of finding attractive women who share a lot of my interests and who then never respond when I try to get in touch with them. I’m taking this as a sign that God doesn’t really want me dating at the moment, and I plan to put the extra time and effort to good use.

6.       Problems of a Fantasy Writer:
·         Could I get away with calling something “the Forbidden Zone”?
·         My Romanized Hebrew dictionary doesn’t have all the words I’m looking for
·         I’ve got someone fencing with a rapier and dagger in what’s supposed to be based on Ancient Israel.
·         Would it be worth it trying to find a reference/dictionary for Ancient Punic?
·          Should this world have crude firearms or not? I don’t really want it to, but if not, how do they fight off the allosaurs?

For the record, I didn't make any of those up: those are all real issues I'm working on at the moment.

7.       Well, I’m all set for my vacation up north; I’ve rented a cabin, I’ve got time off, and it’s coming up fast. Whew!  I plan to spend about four days relaxing, doing serious writing, and playing my violin. Maybe go for a hike in the woods. I’m really looking forward to it!