Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rush Hour

    Last night, after a long, tiring day at work (not the worst I've had over the past week, but annoying. Why does our Xerox guy only buy supplies for one of our three machines?), I decided to just go to Adoration instead of going all the way to my parents' house for karate. Had a good session with Jesus, then got back in my car, thinking about how relaxing it would be to be able to go home and not have to think about overdue invoices for another twelve hours at least.
    Then, a little distracted, I realized I had missed the turn onto the expressway.
    You see, the chapel where I usually go to adoration is attached to the complex where one of my friends works, whom I occassionally meet there for lunch. So, I've gotten in the habit of taking the far entrance ramp leading south to my office, rather than the nearer one leading north to my apartment. Keep in mind that it is about 5:00 PM at this point, and that both routes will get me home in a reasonable amount of time.
    So, naturally, I decided to try to turn around.
    Again; 5:00 PM. In a business-friendly area.
    A traffic light, two parking lots, and another missed on-ramp later, I realize that in order to turn around I'm going to have to go back into the place I just came from (the complex with the adoration chapel) and essentially start from scratch.
    Now, this was maybe ten minutes after I had left it the first time. At that point there had been a line of two-or-three cars waiting to turn. As I pulled into the complex for a second time, I saw a line of cars stretching as far as the eye could see and even around a corner with a stop sign.
   It was about now that it occurredd to me that I really should have just taken the longer route home instead of trying to turn around in the middle of rush hour.

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