Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vita Nova Update

I said I'd give an update on how my goals went, and here it is:

1. Establish a Daily Schedule and follow it for a week.
- Eh, I only managed a few isolated days. Still, I enjoyed them (actually, I found them to be much more enjoyable than most days), so now I'm putting this on the list for March.
2. Learn to switch between C and G on the guitar without stopping playing.
-Well, I'm a lot better at it than I was. I intend to step up my guitar practice for March.
3. Get pictures and sword hung up.
-Pictures are all hung up (or out being framed), but the sword has given me more trouble. It took me forever to find suitable hooks and now I need to somehow make them stand out form the wall a little to fit it on.
4. Finish at least two chapters.
- Done and done! Two chapters from "The Chronicles of Hendricks" and one from "Lepus" are now in at least semi-finished states.

So, a mixed bag, but on the whole not very successful. Oh, well. For March, let's see:

1. Establish a daily schedule and follow it for a week.
2. Learn to switch between B and C, as well as A, E, and D on the guitar without stopping.
3. Finish cleaning out my room at my parents' house.
4. Finish at least three chapters.


  1. How's the daily schedule coming along? I try all the time, and generally "edit" my schedule sometime during the day to include "do nothing" or "finally read that book". But I'm 100% in support of schedules. They're amazing and they help so much!

  2. Eh, not so well: it seems like things keep coming up that prevent me from following it. Either that or I simply get lazy. Still working on it, though, so I'm sure I'll get there in the end.